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Страна: USA


District Sales Manager -- Toronto City at The Body Shop

Purpose of role: 


  • Is responsible and accountable for achieving district sales objectives and maximizing profitability by providing leadership, coaching, and development to Shop Managers, and their teams to help them achieve their sales, payroll, and contribution targets. Empowers and motivates shop teams to serve customers in a courteous and professional manner that exceeds customer expectations. Proactively plans to implement initiatives to improve the future of shops in the district.
  • Establishes and maintains superior professional standards in the areas of sales, customer service, visual presentation, inventory management, operations, human resources management and development. Ensures that shops demonstrate and uphold the values and vision of the Company.


Role Definitions

Key Job Accountabilities:

  • Responsible and accountable for the total district, as well as individual shop results to include top line sales and KPI’s.  Examples are:  driving conversion, ATV, UPT, LYB and Accessory Strike Rate.
  • Analyze sales productivity statistics and takes appropriate action to affect sales and profitability.  
  • Responsible for Talent Management in the district.  Includes building and maintaining succession plans for each shop and ensuring such plans are in place for every position in every shop in order to develop future leaders in the organization.
  • Consistently hold Shop Managers accountable for achieving shop sales targets and providing a superior level of customer service by demonstrating the “inspire” customer service standards.
  • Set the example as a sales leader in shop by demonstrating high energy, enthusiasm and respect with every customer and team-member interaction.
  • Resolve customer complaints and handle potential problem situations with customers.     
  • Drive the brand by supporting company campaigns and also creating local campaigns and initiatives to drive the brand at the grassroots level.


  • Achieve results through others by consistently maintaining a positive, motivational and effective style in all communications and actions with employees.
  • Develop Managers' skills by taking the role of primary trainer /coach / role model and training new and existing Managers on all aspects that will improve performance in their current role and succession into other positions.
  • Identify strengths and development areas of each Management Team members (in conjunction with the Shop Manager) partner with Shop Manager to coach individuals on a regular basis.
  • Regularly communicates with Regional Sales Director to give feedback and ensure h/she is aware of shop business (including financial targets and results, Human Resources, promotions, local issues, etc.).
  • Maintain a full complement of management staff by proactively sourcing and recruiting candidates while ensuring the right people are in the right job. Plans, anticipates and adjusts for staffing needs.
  • Ensures the administration of timely and fair performance reviews as per Company guidelines.
  • Effectively manage employee performance concerns by addressing issues promptly and professionally while following the appropriate disciplinary course of action.
  • Ensure all shop practices comply with Provincial, Federal and Human Rights legislation.
  • Organize and conduct regular team meetings that includes weekly conference calls to ensure information is communicated in a timely manner.
  • Be aware of any potential problems within the team regarding job performance, team spirit and morale, personality conflicts, etc. and be pro-active in preventing disruption to productivity.  Communicate concerns to the Regional Sales Director.      


  • Effectively controls all shop expenses including payroll, testers, wastage.
  • Maintain awareness of district's performance relative to the competition; keep abreast of retail trends and use this information to ensure objectives are achieved.


  • Maintains and ensures that all shop employees understand and adhere to Company policies, programs and procedures as outlined in all shop manuals.
  • Ensures that all shop employees receive training and development using corporate training materials.
  • Adhere to and ensure that Managers ensure compliance with all policies and procedures as outlined in the Company manuals (Operations, Human Resources, Health & Safety) and respond to day-to-day queries from the team
  • Ensure all Health & Safety requirements regarding First Aid certification and the First Aid station are adhered to
  • Ensure that all shop team members are aware of important information such as shop sales targets, daily, weekly, QTD and YTD.
  • Utilize all available tools and resources (MSP, Body Talk, Productivity Tools from Triversity, Cashier Report , Shop Visit Forms, and Shop Schedule) to maximize productivity and performance.
  • Controls internal and external shrink.  Adhere to, enforce, and ensure Managers enforce all Loss Prevention Guidelines.
  • Discuss any possible internal security matters with the applicable parties.     


  • Ensure shops appearance is impactful to maximize sales.
  • Ensure all promotions and marketing initiatives are organized and implemented with urgency and proper planning without sacrificing customer service.
  • Monitors and ensures accuracy of markdowns, transfers, damages and all other administrative paperwork and procedures affecting inventory accuracy.
  • Maintains consistent, uncompromising high standards for cleanliness, presentation, marketing, and Company property on the selling floor, at the till, and in the backroom.
  • Ensures all shops are properly managing controllable inventory issues and needs,
  • Ensures that markdowns and promotions are executed in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Ensures that needs and plans for shop repairs are communicated to the appropriate parties.
  • Ensure The Body Shop Values commitments (Stop violence in the home fundraising, Human Trafficking, Community Service Projects, Forever Against Animal Testing) and targets are being met.     






  • Perform other related duties as assigned or requested.
  • Responsible for maintaining the ethical standards of The Body Shop including minimizing the environmental, health and safety risks in the workplace. 
  • Report potential risks, near misses and real accidents to relevant managers.

Working Relationships & Interfaces


Personal requirements for role


  • Minimum 5 years retail management/leadership experience of multi-unit locations
  • Superior supervisory and coaching skills
  • Ability to manage from a distance



  • Projects and maintains a professional image and demonstrates high energy and enthusiasm
  • Desire and capability to lead a team and produce results; establish goals; and motivate others to achieve
  • Ability to handle quantitative information, analyze data, identify trends and gaps and establish action plans
  • High standards of tact, discretion and confidentiality
  • Analytical and detail orientated with excellent time management skills (ability to handle multiple priorities in a fast paced and dynamic environment)
  • Ability to comfortably and quickly build rapport with franchisees, employees, colleagues and customers
  • Strong verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work on a computer to send and respond to emails

Competencies required:

 Acts/leads with human sensitivity

  • Drives customer connection
  • Displays sensitivity to beauty The Body Shop Way
  • Demonstrates Entrepreneurship
  • Actives results with integrity
  • Innovates
  • Manages complexity
  • Interacts effectively