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EC media manager – Maybelline, JD

Сфера деятельности: Digital

Тип должности: Permanent

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Shanghai

Страна: China

Applies advanced statistical techniques to build, maintain, and improve paid media performance. Work alongside business to answer its requirements and expected outcomes.

Identify Business Needs and Opportunities
• Work with EC KA and brand stakeholders to identify the business requirements and problems to solve.
• Work with Corp media team, operation team, external ISV partners and EC platform experts to identify the executional situation, current difficulties and opportunities.

Build paid media solutions
• Develop paid media strategy for different media channels in TM and JD, including annual budget setting and monthly maintenance by working with finance team.

• Monitor daily operation and keep real-time optimization spirits, including but not limited to keywords/TA/SKU description/banner design/price strategy and other technical tips.

• Present and depict the outcomes of key findings in easy to understand terms for the business stakeholders.

Ensure advanced performance and data retention
• Expertise in main stream EC paid media channels including 品直钻展猜/unidesk/京准通.

• Expertise in main stream EC data analysis tools incl. databank/strategy center/九数/数坊. • Work with ISV partners or independently in data modelling, statistical analysis and predictive modelling.

• Collaborates with Corp media team to select the relevant sources of information.

• Develop and implement data collection systems and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and data quality.