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Education Manager - KÉRASTASE

Сфера деятельности: Marketing

Тип должности: Fix Term

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Ho Chi Minh City

Страна: Vietnam

  • A / Key reasons for filling this position:
  •  Launch of new luxury hair care brand – Kerastase of Professional Product Division (PPD)

  • B / Work Relationship:
  • Internal:  Sales, Marketing, Supply chain, Merchandising, Control
  • External:  Salons

C / Main responsibilities, deliverables and contribution of this job to L’Oréal VN

  • Deliver education and build sales for Kérastase
  • Deliver training Kérastase ambassadors, for product knowledge, basic selling skills.
  • Be able to practice and deliver training basic hair care, hair therapy skills.
  • Be able to develop product training materials
  • Demo selling technique both in class and on the field.
  • Trade visit – Field coaching ensure quality knowledge of ambassador.


  • Coordinate with salons for the upkeep of institutes: check the facilities, product images and ambassadors services were under brand standards.
  • Operation task:
  • Submit required activities plans/report on time.
  • Managing training products.
  • Ensure ambassador team run smoothly: Planning updated always, flexible in training, coaching as business required.


  • Develop Kérastase ambassadors in salons: training, coaching for new product, update training guideline.
  • Set up training/coaching class & the detail preparation of any training/coaching class as clear guideline.
  • Administrative to the training activities as clear guideline.
  • D / Most important qualifications, background and experience:
  • Strong positive influenced to salon ambassadors.
  • Understanding of hair
  • Experience of spa, massages
  • Develop training materials
  • Strong awareness of the brand and its new developments. Good brand and product knowledge
  • Passion for education, transfer of his/her know-how.
  • Creative and Innovative
  • Inspiring person
  • People & service oriented
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Have more than 5 years in hair care salon or facial massage salon.
  • E / Practical information for this position:
  • Travel requirement:  Travel to key cities of Vietnam 

F / Benefits & career development opportunity:

·          The candidate will be responsible for educating and developing Kérastase ambassadors in salons.