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R&I - Internship - Optics/Physics - 2021 - M/W

Сфера деятельности: Research & Innovation

Тип должности: Internship

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Paris

Страна: France

Research & Innovation - Internship 6 months – Optics - 2021 - M/W

For L’Oréal, beauty is above all a scientific adventure. This principle is reflected in the key role played by our Research & Innovation division, which deploys its teams all around the world to dream up and create the products of tomorrow.

But wait, have you heard about our history?

In 1909, Eugène Schueller, a young chemist, formulated the first hair dyes using a blend of harmless chemical compounds. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he sold it to Parisian hairdressers and founded the Société Française des Teintures Inoffensives pour Cheveux.

You never heard of that company? Don’t worry, we don’t blame you, because you know it under its current name: L’Oréal.

More than a century later, Eugene Schueller’s belief that research and innovation form the cornerstone of growth and success has spread to reach more than 3800 R&I employees, and enabled the discovery of over 130 molecules and the development of thousands of formulas and products.

Join us to become a L’Oréal Internpreneur!

Internship in Optics

Flexible starting date between January and July 2021 for 6 months, located in the Paris region

We have 4 internships:


  • Study state of the art computer graphics methods from both external and internal labs to model light-skin interaction (BSSRDF; skin shading; etc.)

  • Make recommendations for the choices of technical solutions (hardware; software or academic partnerships) in order to optimize the processing time for an interactive modeling

  • Confront these models to vivo experiments

  • Implement these Techniques for personalized cosmetics projects (for example: foundation; lipsticks; eyeshadows; etc.) to predict the color or other optical effects


  • Faire l’état de l’art dans les domaines de synthèse d’image sur la modélisation et l’interaction optique de lumière – cheveux.

  • Développer un modèle elliptique paramétrable qui prend en compte la différence entre les cheveux et la barbe. 

  • Obtenir des rendus physico-réalistes sur un visage.

  • Intégrer le modèle dans une scène existante avec un modèle de rendu de la peau donnée.

  • Appliquer ses recherches dans le cadre des projets d’innovation pour la cosmétique personnalisée et digitaliser la procédure de la prédiction couleur d’une coloration.

MISSION 3 : Effets physiques (thermiques, mécanique…) dans la peau / Physical (thermal, mechanical… effects inside the skin

Titre : Exploration de méthodes pour produire un effet trigger (stimulant physique) pour mieux régénérer la peau et de ces effets.

Contenu :

- Identification et approvisionnement de devices cosmétiques

- Mise au point de méthode de caractérisation et modélisation de ces effets

- Suivis, mise au point et réalisation de tests sur tissus fantômes et échantillons biologiques

- Suivis de caractérisations devices cosmétiques

Responsabilités :

- Travailler à la maîtrise de nouvelles techniques de laboratoire, d’outils informatiques ou de connaissances spécifiques à son domaine, 

- Mettre tous les efforts afin de s’adapter rapidement à son nouveau milieu 

- Mettre les efforts nécessaires au développement de son autonomie, son esprit critique et ses facultés d’adaptation.

- Faire preuve d’initiative et d’ouverture tout en participant le plus activement possible au travail d’équipe avec un esprit ouvert. 

- Faire preuve de minutie et de professionnalisme, ainsi que d’écoute et bienveillance. 

MISSION 4 : Evaluation method of lipstick for quality control and prediction

The objective is twofold: first to deliver a color measurement methodology for solid and liquid lipstick compatible with quality control purposes, second to implement color prediction algorithm for lipstick products, i.e. determine the formula (pigment concentration) to obtain a given shade.

  The plan is outlined below:

Find most appropriate substrate and method for a drawdown application on black & white

Create model to determine the colors of the substrates for a given lipstick shade in different architectures 

Validate if color prediction model can predict efficiently color appearance of lipstick on colored substrate from black and white measurements (do so for different lipstick architecture)

Determination of the pass/fail criteria for quality control

Test existing color prediction algorithms for lipstick products, i.e. determine the formula (pigment concentration) to obtain a given shade

Collaborate with the labs, DGO, DG and plant during the entire projects to get the inputs and feedbacks and to validate and valorize the methodology. 

Education and Training required:

  • Master 1 or 2 (you must have a « convention de stage »)
  • Knowledge in color sciences or computer graphics or physical modelling (light-matter interaction)
  • You come from schools such as SupOptique, Master COSI, ESPCI or any engineering school with a specialization in Optics

The raw materials for the perfect fit
  • You speak French or/and English fluently
  • You are well known for your incredible dynamism and your hands-on mentality
  • Result-oriented: you are not afraid to tackle challenges and solve problems thanks to creative solutions
  • You are a true team player, but also capable of working autonomously
  • Scientific excellence is your moto – you pay strong attention to details and are always seeking for new ways to innovate!

Our imput to the mixture

  • An appealing monthly gratification, ranging from 1250€ (Master1) to 1400€ (Master2)
  • Access to a corporate restaurant, a gym and to the L’Oréal staff store to try out all our products
  • Unlimited access to a learning platform with more than 4000 trainings for your own development
  • Integration to an amazing community of more than 120 interns and 50 apprentices and participation to different networking events
  • Personalized HR follow ups to help you develop your skills and improve your performances
  • Participation to L’Oréal’s Innovation Games: a scientific business case competition, where you’ll be able to disrupt the future of beauty
  • The possibility to sharpen your entrepreneurial spirit
  • The ability to bring out-of-the-box ideas to the table!

Under the microscope…

Transparency in the process of recruitment is a priority for us. Here are the steps you might go through:

1st step: APPLY

Send us your resume (NO cover letter needed!)


You will receive a link to take a 30-minutes peer-to-peer online evaluation


After successfully passing the previous evaluation, our amazing HR team will get in touch with you to know more about your project


Your resume will be communicated to managers. They’ll ask to meet you if your profile matches their mission’s requirements

To improve your formula

There are no secrets: the better you prepare; the more chances you’ll have to rock your interviews!

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