Функция: Продажи и Развитие бизнеса

Тип занятости: Полный рабочий день

Место расположения: New York - New York

Страна: USA

Job Description Form

Section 1: General Information


Job Title:               Vice President National Accounts - Sales


Function:               Sales - Direct


FLSA status:        Exempt


Division:                Lancome


Supervisor Title:  Senior Vice President, Sales


Location:               Field Force/Remote




Section 2:  Job Summary (limit your description to one paragraph):


Formulate and achieve retailer specific shared growth objectives in terms of annual net sales & shipments, retail sales volume, ranking, and strengthening of Lancôme brand position. Lead forecasting of retailer specific sales benchmarks for new skus and ensure appropriate stock levels and product mix, take appropriate action, negotiate and leverage, to minimize returns and optimize OTB dollars. Actively manage corporate budgets: sales promotion, credit, finance, advertising, creative costs, negotiation for demo and corporate freelance co-op. Partner with respective NYO departments, Skincare, Makeup, Fragrance, GWP, Special Events and CRM, to translate concepts into retailer specific action plans as well as propose and actively co-lead development projects which address retailer specific needs or opportunities, ultimately driving retail sales and gain of marketshare. Cultivate high level, in-depth understanding of retailer specific policies, CRM strategies, client facing opportunities, merchandising and staffing policies- actively communicate this information to GM, SVP of Sales, VP of Learning, Lancome Field and NYO. Liaise with buying offices, GMMs and corporate retail teams, including Store Design, Staffing, Marketing, Advertising, Planning and e-commerce, to establish close relationships with key decision makers and influencers. Forecast sales seasonally and create competitive retail plan of action for each account, negotiating for maximum exposure and value, revising plans and strategy by account as needed based upon actualized sales and changes in market. Represent the Lancome brand in high visibility retailer specific corporate meetings and strategy sessions, ensuring image, presentation and actions support brand equity and the strengthening of brand position. Engage in intense coaching and development of NADs and planner to provide and protect talent for Loreal Luxe succession planning.



Section 3:  Job Requirements (Minimum number years of experience, skills, certification and academic background required to perform this job):


1. Bachelor degree and minimum of 10 years experience in cosmetic or retail management

2. Self motivated, results oriented, creative thinker

3. Strong communication, presentation and organizational skills

4. Analytical in approach to identifying opportunities

5. Strong negotiation skills

6. Proven experience in managing sell in account responsibilities as well as field sales management history

7. Proficient computer skills necessary – Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)




Section 4:  Judgment and Decision Making (Describe the nature and impact of decisions required for this position as well as the type of supervision required for this position from the following; Close, Moderate, Intermittent, None):


Strong judgment and decision making skills are essential in conjunction with high levels versatility and ability to deal with ambiguity. Must be able to operate independently, with little supervision. NAVP in close communication with GM, SVP of Sales, SVP of Marketing, VP of Learning, Marketing VPs internally and with account(s) VPs, DMMs and Buyers, Division Heads of Staffing, Planning, Store Design, Advertising and e-commerce.  Moderate communication with Account Presidents & GMMs. 





Section 5: Essential Physical Requirements (if applicable – i.e. lifting – exactly how much, bending, climbing, driving equipment):


Ability to lift and carry 25 pounds





Section 6:  Financial Scope (if applicable):


P&L Responsibility for each national account (s) inclusive of capital expense, advertising, demonstration, in store/ promotional spend. Annual Net Revenue Responsibility will vary by account (s).  Annual Budget Responsibility: Personal T&E, Coop, Freelance, In store decoration, Retailer Strategy Meetings and presentation budgets





Section 7:  Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Briefly describe 5-8 primary duties/responsibilities of the job.  Please list these duties in order of importance and include the percentage of time spent or required for each activity.


Tasks, Duties & Responsibilities

% of time spent.

Total should = 100%

1.  Achieve retail and net goals for the area.  Establish goals in conjunction with senior management.  Negotiate appropriate stock levels and returns by account. Consistently monitor shipments, changes in product availability, proactively identify OOS product risks or up ticks in demand and manage product dis/ phase outs to minimize non-productive inventory. Facilitate open channels of communication between Lancome Sales Operations and Accounts.


Minimum 18 hours per week

2.  Responsible for cultivating and strengthening strategic retailer relationships. Communicate the Lancome brand vision and strategy to the retailers. Analyze, plan, influence and implement mutually beneficial, shared retail plans with the account(s) to achieve both immediate and long term growth objectives. Prepare presentation decks for retailer meetings including Top to Top Meetings, Seasonal Market Meetings, Account sponsored corporate meetings and also Lancome National Sales Meetings and Seasonal Planning Meetings. Understand and translate retailer strategy to Lancome GM, SVP of Sales, SVP of Marketing, Marketing Categories and Lancome Sales Field.



Minimum 18 hours per week

3.  Develop promotional calendars by season for account(s).  Position, plan and strategize product launches and promotions by account, ensuring optimal dates are secured.



Minimum 9 hours per week

4.   Understand and translate retailer strategy to Lancome GM, SVP of Sales, SVP of Marketing, Marketing Categories and Lancome Sales Field.



Minimum 9 hours per week

5. Budget Management: Advertising, In store Visual Spend, Presentations, Cap Ex, T&E for self and direct reports. 


Minimum 4 hours per week

6.   Coaching and Development: Provide ongoing assessment and feedback of NADs and planners to identify bench strengths, natural talents and provide appropriate learning opportunities to addresses gaps in current skills and abilities.


Minimum 6 hours per week

** Sephora and Ulta specific positions. Field supervision of sales force and direct reports / Retail execution for doors would account for 10% of time (addition of 7th category of key job duties) and Time Spent on Retailer relationships would be reduced to 20% of time. 



Section 8:  Required Competencies:

Briefly describe 5-8 primary competencies that are core requirements for this position, in order of importance.  Different from job responsibilities, these are “soft skills” that are required for success.  Please refer to the L’Oreal USA MAP competencies.  Examples include managing complexity, interacts effectively, innovates, etc.



1. Manages Complexity

Reasons from multiple perspectives, analyzing issues by combining active listening, keen observation, reasoning and solid judgment skills. Simplification of complex issues by having robust knowledge and insight of the motivations of all parties and awareness of external influences/ policies in order to accurately identify the true issues at hand. Makes decisions with confidence and courage, attacking problems and finding solutions to dilemmas. 

2.  Interacts Effectively

Communicates clearly and confidently, adapting to the communication preferences of others in order to maximize effect of message. Actively listen to both internal and external  partners to develop full understanding of perspectives and other points of view. Decisively take a stance, present beliefs and ideas that may be new or contrary to existing status quo. 


3.  Achieves Results with Integrity

Demonstrates engagement, proactive mindset, commitment and resilience. Remains positive in the face of unexpected changes and setbacks, adjusting priorities and actions, proactively engaging in risk assessment. Driven to achieve quality results and deadlines on multiple ongoing projects. NAVP models ethical decision making, delivering results in accordance to L’oreal Code of Business Ethics.



4.  Demonstrates Entrepreneurship

NAVP must be autonomous and resourceful, fully exploring problems, crafting innovative solutions and elevating information in timely manner to appropriate parties. Engender trust and belief in brand from retail customers via direct contact and close communication. When presented with problems or dilemmas, NAVP  analyzes existing process to determine efficiency gaps and proposes alternative solution to create value and reduce wasted time and resources.


5.  Displays Sensitivity to the “Métier” of L’Oreal

Focuses on quality and excellence of work for self and team. Constantly integrates new technique and strategies to improve quality of work. In tune with beauty business trends, product innovations, changes in consumer purchasing, evolving beauty consumer service expectations and various missions of retail accounts.

6.  Acts/Leads with Human Sensitivity

Adapting behavior to respect different personalities and cultures, listening and interacting with equal respect to all levels, functions and business partners. Leading National Account teams in demanding but fair way, transforming work pressure into constructive energy for action. Explains brand goals and strategic objectives of projects, sharing know-how and experiences, creating climate of trust and sharing responsibility.


7. Innovates

Demonstrates curiosity, actively observes and investigates trends, changes and events in beauty field. Imagines original ideas and solutions to create future value. Fosters climate of trust that empowers others to share ideas and proposals without reservations.  

Please note:  This job description does not list all duties of the job.  Employees may be asked by management to perform other duties.  The employer has the right to revise this job description at any time.