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Knowledge Manager - Hair

Сфера деятельности: Research & Innovation

Тип должности: Permanent

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Tokyo

Страна: Japan

Job Role

This position Aims to:

  • 1/ Strengthen Japan DA Innovation for Worldwide by building Robust knowledge dossiers for Key Innovation Platforms
  • 2/ Contributes to the Overall Benefit dossier of Current Generation/s  & help to build the path for Next generation/s by bringing mechanistic understanding for performance and interaction of product & fiber
  • 3/ This position is Expected to set knowledge strategy and plan liaise between PPE -Phys-Chem- Analytical JP/Inter-DD Fiber to achieve the afore objectives

 In the afore mentioned frame its expected from the position to

·         Strengthen Current Generation of Innovations: by working with respective DA Leaders to understand platform expectation & accordingly build tech Dossier aligned with Global partners

o   This dossier should aim to complement Perceived Performance dossier & therefore generate a Robust Holistic Benefit dossier

·         Help to build Next Gen of Innovations: by Understanding the Mechanisms of Action of the Current technologies & their improvement points to co-build strategy for Next Generation

·         Utilize & Coordinate on the Knowledge generated from Japan to align & co-build with Counterparts: PPE-Phys Chem -DD Fiber –Analytical: JP/Inter

·         Needs to know Japanese (mid-level fluency minimum)

·         Needs to have experience of Analytical and/or Physical Chem

·         >5 years of experience

·         Need to be adaptive to work cohesively with International Team (France; USA)