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[L'Oreal Korea Innovation Center] Industrial Product Development Assistant Manager

Сфера деятельности: Operations

Тип должности: Permanent

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Seoul

Страна: South Korea

KIC(Korea Innovation Center)_Industrial PD Assistant Manager

Global objective: manages, in collaboration with Research & Innovation, Operations, and Brands, an innovative projects portfolio, with a global vision of the finished product (pack, formula, process...), taking overall responsibility of the project (Time to Market, business model, costs, sustainability aspect, perceived value, quality). 
  • Formalizes the definition of the launch project, and studies its technical, economical, and timing feasibility, integrating the sustainability aspects, in order to achieve launches in line with the priorities of the Brands and the Group. 
  • Implements and manages technical risk analysis and project risk analysis (profitability, timeline, investments, etc.), alerts, and proposes solutions to ensure that these risks are under control. 
  • Identifies and coordinates the different actors of the projects, organizes progression reviews, communicates on solutions/pain points, alerts in case of drift and consolidates useful information to make decisions, and ensures that decisions are made timely by the people concerned. 
  • Elaborates distributes, and ensures the management of projects planning and economic equations 
  • Ensures that the development process of innovative products is respected and makes launches reliable. 
  • In partnership with other Operations Departments such as Packaging, manages cross-functional multi-function projects.
  • Develops knowledge of the market/competition within a category-based approach. 
  • Contributes to building innovation proposals to be presented to the Brand.
If manager: manages a small team (1 to 2 persons) to conduct the above mission and objectives.

  • University graduate
  • At least 3~4 years in the cosmetic industry or project management
  • Fluent in both Korean and English. Other languages is a +.
  • Good communication skills organized and work with methodology. Open and flexible mind, project management skills, communication drive.

*CV(Resume) is required to apply