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Data Scientist

Сфера деятельности: Digital

Тип должности: Permanent

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Hoofddorp

Страна: Netherlands

As data analyst/scientist, you are a part of the newly formed data team, working together with the data engineer, the precision adtech manager and the data director. You also collaborate very closely with other specialist teams (such as the media, CRM, e-commerce and consumer engagement teams) to create insights and get more out of all the data available within the company.

You are responsible for making the data visible, for answering business questions by providing insights based on business data. You support the marketing and other business teams by providing innovative dashboards/reports and by creating relevant visualizations for BI questions.

You also work with agencies to help the company get to the next level of data use, by carrying out exploratory analysis and generating new questions. Thanks to the work of the data engineer, you use the available data to start prediction models and the use of machine learning, also taking into account the international best in class cases from other countries.

The business teams (marketing teams, sales teams, e-com teams) are your primary stakeholders and you work with the whole data team at promoting the data mindset and creating a data community across the company.

Last but not least, you should feel comfortable working in a fast-changing environment where a lot is to be built, helping to shape your role and the role of data within L’Oréal. We work as a team and are looking for a new team-player.

Key responsibilities

Data Visualization

  • Answering business question, providing insights using business data
  • Carry out exploratory analysis
  • Create dashboards/reports and communicate the results, while supporting process change management and cultural development where needed
  • Work across multiple data-sets within the divisions on multiple platforms across marketing, promotions, digital eCommerce, operations, media and many other areas.
  • Upskilling key stakeholders

Predictive analytics

  • Helping the business to the next level of data by generating new questions from existing data
  • Responsible to plan, design, implement and test data analytics across division functions in a timely manner. Establish standard process for maintenance and work closely with IT to ensure sustainability and scalability
  • Predictions based on past patterns
  • Use of machine learning models to extract value from data: predictive modelling, A/B testing
  • Adopt and adapt best in class cases from international or other countries


  • You have 5 year of relevant experience
  • You have experience with BI tools (DOMO, Power BI, Looker, Data studio)
  • You master Excel and Programming languages: SQL, Python, R
  • You have data modeling tool exprience, f.e. Dataform, for transformation layer
  • You have experience with (at least supervised) machine learning
  • You have proficient knowledge of entreprise cloud databases (especially GCP)
  • You have experience in data analytics, working with large data sets and ideally writing complex SQL/GBQ queries; building complex data analyses by leveraging scripting languages including Python or a related scripting language
  • Working closely with executive leadership team and managers to create analytical models to drive the operational strategy
  • Work collaboratively with the entire analytics community to establish best practices, develop and train each other and help build a positive data driven culture across the organisation
We offer

L’Oréal offers an attractive role in a dynamic work environment, a compatible salary with excellent secondary conditions (e.g. 13th month, profit sharing) and opportunities for further career development.


At L’Oréal we aim to hire a diverse workforce:

“A diversified workforce in every function and on all levels strengthens our creativity and our understanding of consumers and it enables us to develop and market products that are relevant“
(Jean-Paul Agon, chairman and CEO of L’Oréal)