Функция: Отдел операций

Тип занятости: Полный рабочий день

Место расположения: Cairo

Страна/область: Egypt

To carry out rigorously , within the plant quality department, quality control testing of the products manufactured, with respect to the quality system of the Group.

  • To carry out and record controls of components related to the organization of the quality service and contribute to optimize control testing activities
  • To take part in the quality operations related to a launch (validation of the panoplies of defect, follow-up of the first productions)
  • To update the quality procedures according to the evolutions of the standards, policies or modes of organization, tools and equipment
  • To bring proposals for the improvement of the rules Quality/Safety/Hygiene of the production processs during meetings, working groups or transversal projects
  • To bring its expertise in its field of activity (process, packaging, quality system) and to train new collaborators Notice °: according to the quality organisation of the factory, the quality controller
  •  To Carry Out the control testing of the Bulk and Finished product
  • To Update Quality procedures according to the evolution of standards
  • To Bring Proposals of Improvement of the rules of Quality/Safety and Hygiene


  • Should have at least 2 Years’ experience on HPLC operation
  • Should have also 2 years’ experience on potentiometric titration
  • To Master the standardization of the Volumetric solution


  • 2-3 years of Experience in the Lab Field
  • Bachelor's degree of Pharmaceutical sciences
  • SAP Experience is Preferred
  • Flexibility & Agility are very important