Функция: ДРУГОЕ

Тип занятости: Полный рабочий день

Место расположения: Cairo

Страна/область: Egypt


• Exhibits reporting controls & ensures compliance of transactions as it relates to the group accounting & mgt standards including GAAP/IFRS EFFICIENT USE OF REPORTING & CONSOLIDATION

• Defines and produces financial reporting across all businesses.

• Drives & educates processes to benchmark, reporting and establishes best practices MAXIMIZE FINANCIAL SYSTEMS

• Leverages knowledge and intuition around systems/data to provide insight into critical issues (SAP, Analyzer, Compass, Magnitude...) PLAN & ANALYZE BUSINESS PERFORMANCE • Calculates & interprets financial results. • Anticipates and identifies opportunities, risks and solutions to close the gap.

• Applies costing methods to model and evaluate performance: PRI, cost benefit analysis, distribution, and knowledge of entire supply chain BUDGET FOR GROWTH • Develops budgets and financial forecasts (trends) in collaboration with business: P&L, overhead, balance sheet, and working capital

• Understands how these elements relate to achievement of overall business & financial targets PROACTIVE BUSINESS PARTNER

• Using the L’Oreal knowledge as well as market & financial expertise to understand, improve & challenge overall effectiveness of the business

• Using the L’Oreal knowledge, and market/financial expertise, to provide strategic recommendations contributing to the overall effectiveness