Функция: Информационные системы

Тип занятости: Полный рабочий день

Место расположения: ILE DE FRANCE (except Paris)

Страна/область: France


Integration analyst design  high-volume, real-time or batch, exchanges & interfaces between L'Oréal Group Applications , or SaaS to SaaS Services. he provide analysis and specifications of data models and  data mapping/translation schemas that integrate separate data sources. he manage the interface development process and provide training and support for production Team. A sense of urgency, the ability to make good decisions, and the prioritization of tasks is necessary. 


  • Assists in the creation of interface design specifications and diagrams for proposed data exchange interfaces. 
  • Develops interfaces using specified tools and standards. 
  • Assists in the development of test plans and performs unit testing for all interface projects. 
  • Maintains interface documentation and specifications with guidance of Interface Developer. 
  • Assists with the deployment of tested interfaces into a production environment. 
  • Provides interface maintenance training to application support teams. 
  • Takes final responsibility for interface issue diagnosis and resolution reported by support teams. 
  • Contributes to healthcare application integration strategy and implementation in the community. 
  • Work closely with project/account managers on customer-specific initiatives that involve data translation or integration development.
  • Troubleshoot technical issues related to data transformation and flow.
  • Analyze customer data specifications and provide gap analysis.
  • Create documentation for future reference, training and support purposes.
  • Provide customers or internal teams with support on technical integration issues. Assist others in development.
  • Write transition plans to move development work into various environments.
  • Facilitate training on integration techniques and methods, including creation of documentation for such training.


  • Expert knowledge of SOA, Object-Oriented techniques, programming concepts and Integration design patterns.
  • Experience developing web services for application integration. (REST & SOAP)
  • Experience with architecting complex frameworks.
  • Experience in leading technical deliveries.  (CI/CD )
  • Experience developing TIBCO Mediation & 7Layer/CA  APIs
  • Strong Experience implementing integration between SAP (all modules) & Other (Saas Applications)
  • Working knowledge of SQL, preferably on MSSQL
  • Experience developing and implementing governance and best practices for above technologies
  • Entrepreneurship: ability to think innovatively, evaluate and propose new ideas and solutions, while maintaining a pragmatic attitude
  • Decoding and strength of conviction: ability to generate effective interaction, convince and reconcile in order to gain ownership and reach a positive and accepted conflict resolution
  • Ability to handle complex situations and act through transversal skills
  • Ability to facilitate cooperation and collaboration: is able to develop a collaborative / cooperative mode of operation and teamwork integrating participants from different sectors, countries and cultures to achieve common objectives
  • Ability to understand the business of L'Oréal: assimilates the overall business strategy of the company, the long-term needs of users / customers and knows how to translate them into IT strategy
  • Knowledge of development methodologies and best practices in IT architecture; ability to use this knowledge in different technology areas to develop and produce the IT architecture schema that meets the business needs of the business
  • Knowledge of project management methodologies ,including those used to define the stages of a project and implement action plans
  • Network & Infrastructure knowledge