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RM & Compliance Project Manager - Corruption Prevention

Сфера деятельности: Finance & Controlling

Тип должности: Permanent

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Clichy

Страна: France

RM & Compliance Project Manager
Focus on Corruption Prevention

Key responsibilities :

Contribute to the implementation of the Risk Management and Compliance initiatives managed by the DRMC, and in particular support the Group Prevention Corruption Program to strengthen its roll-out and control its effectiveness across the organization
  • Follow-up the roll-out of all dimensions of the Corruption Prevention Program, monitor its implementation and recommend actions for improvement:
    • Take into account benchmarks and external good practices, follow-up regulatory evolution with the support of the Legal team
    • Evaluate the opportunities of evolution of the Code of Conduct TWWPC
    • Assist entities in the implementation of the program, develop communication plans, participate to dedicated sessions to promote good practices
    • Develop and animate dedicated training programs
    • Animate the corruption risk mapping process with operational entitiesand Group Metiers, define recommendations for the evolution of the framework  
    • Implement and follow-up the process and tools required for the due diligence of partners, with a special focus on intermediaries and IT tool roll-out 
    • Design and enforce the prevention corruption level 2 controls with the support of the Zone and Metiers Internal Control Directors
    • Reinforce the corruption prevention accounting controls with the support of the financial teams
  • Contribute to the overall activities of the DRMC, especially in the deployment of Risk Management approaches 

Professional and technical skills :

  • Cooperate proactively with all operational teams
  • Prioritise and simplify messages to obtain managers’ support and teams’ commitment 
  • Operate with rigour, method and pragmatism, taking into account the entities organisation and processes
  • Demonstrate a positive critical thinking to improve the level of efficiency of the corruption prevention program
  • Be skilled for cross functions project management, change management, training 
  • Have good knowledge of Corruption Prevention laws and practices