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Сфера деятельности: Finance & Controlling

Тип должности: Permanent

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Paris

Страна: France

In a complex and evolutive world, where tax administrations become more and more digitalized (e-invoicing, e-filing, real-time reporting, …), the tax technology manager will help the Group Tax Compliance Officer in all tax IT projects of the Group.

He/She will play a key role in tax technology projects such as new ERP implementations with tax impacts, tax BI implementation, and other new tax IT projects as well as maintaining the tax solutions up to date with tax regulations.

He/She will have to find, select, develop, support, manage the new tax compliance solution of the Group.

He/She ensures that the Group tax compliance solution:

     Set-up the right organization/responsibilities for defining/enriching/updating key tax master data

     Provide accurate and compliant reports (Indirect tax, Direct tax)

     Enable global tax governance in adapting to local legislation

     Ensure better traceability of intra-group transactions, TP policies, …

     Ensure ability to explain differences between GAAPs and impact on direct tax calculation by entity

He/She will be responsible for defining and validating the tax requirements and the adequate chosen solution in permanent interaction with Global IT, local Tax and accountants.

He/She will be a day-to-day interpreter between tax needs and existing IT solutions.

Be ready for the challenges addressed by the tax administrations/digitalized tax administration (e-invoicing, real-time reporting, etc.) and complex business organization.


10 years of experience in Accounting/IT/tax (both direct and indirect taxes)

Ideally some experience around ERP systems (SAP, …)

Development and/or implementation of tax technology tool

Tax Advisory firm/Consulting

English is mandatory

Strong and motivated team player

Adaptability, Flexibility, solution-oriented