Функция: Продажи и Развитие бизнеса

Тип занятости: Полный рабочий день

Место расположения: Beyrouth

Страна/область: Lebanon

Job Guidelines

- Motivate, manage and develop customers within a given geographic area for a specific brand portfolio. 
- Achieve the sales targets and qualitative and quantitative objectives.
- Control the sell-in and sell-out of customers under his/her responsibility, establish an action plan with his/her manager
- Guarantee the brand image expressed at the point of sale
- Inform beauty consultants/managers and teams at the points of sale and hairdressers in salons about launches, focusing on the messages for the sale, and advise that they participate in business training, according to the needs and business challenges of their point of sale. Create challenges to stimulate sales.
- Sell events to decision makers within salons by showing them the potential.
- Ensure that sales events are implemented correctly - including enthusiastic advisers/teams in the points of sale- and monitor the achievement of event targets,
- Enforce compliance with merchandising at the point of sale
- Control the quality of the provision of the sales event service and prepare a report.
- Conduct competitive intelligence on the points of sale.
- Identify opportunities and win new customers in accordance with the objectives set by the brand.
- Maximize the In Salon Market Share (ISMS) by implementing all product categories and ensuring that a maximum number of different referrals are made with regard to the potential of the salon.
- Ensure an effective educational partnership (recruit customers for training, attending events, etc.).

- 2-4 years of experience is needed

- Bachelor degree is a must