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Business Application Manager

Сфера деятельности: Information Systems

Тип должности: Permanent

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Petaling Jaya

Страна: Malaysia

He/she define, plans, organizes, manages and follows up internal/external resources in order to deliver the project/program(*) within the defined standards, budget, deadlines and quality requirements, across Malaysia and Singapore.

(*)refers to the build of solution both in Applications and Technologies & Infrastructures domain.

·        Define the IT strategy for the Applications and Technologies & Infrastructures domain in line with the business strategy and Group policies, governance and internal controls

·        Participate in discussions around innovation in relation to external market/technology trends and agility to adapt in ever-changing Business priorities of VUCA world so as to deliver cost effective and innovative IT solutions

·        Monitor incoming demands for the domain, and ensure solutions are being proposed for functional needs that are not yet covered in line with the overall system coherence

·        Guarantee the proper functioning of the domain operations and the quality of the services provided to the users by seeking continuous improvement

·        Define and optimize the development, maintenance and performance taking proactive actions to ensure stable, secure, scalable and sustainable Applications and Technologies & Infrastructures to avoid potential service disruption

·        Manage implementation/release projects, participate to the key steps of the implementation, identify project risks and define action plans to mitigate

·        Manage, coordinate and develop teams and collaborators and ensure the appropriate development of expertise and know how in his/her scope of responsibility

·        Guarantee the physical and logical security in compliance with the Group Security policy

·        Organize the change management activities related to a project/program : including training, user support and communication

·        Define and manage the support services and supervise its functioning within the defined standards (define and review KPIs, metrics and SLAs and oversee performance)

·        Coordinate the different experts needed in order to deal with incidents from level 2 and 3

·        Manage escalations, crises and exceptional situations and define the emergency action plans

·        Participate in the selection of external suppliers as well as the outsourced services contracted

·        Develop and maintain effective relationships and communication with internal users and/or external suppliers, understanding and managing vendor contracts (Technical, Commercial and Legal aspects)

·        Produce documents and templates describing products, services, components to establish compliance with relevant documentation requirement; ensure they are valid and up to date and that functions and features are documented in an appropriate way

·        Coordinate and/or manage the internal/external human resources