Функция: Отдел операций

Тип занятости: Полный рабочий день

Место расположения: Central Region - Kuala Lumpur

Страна: Malaysia

Key job accountabilities

  • To ensure the correct planning process in response to market developments whilst maximising service levels and optimising stocks.
  • Establish the demand plan based on validated forecasts
  • Define the demand planning parameters taking account of service levels, stock levels and global Supply Chain costs
  • Plan local sub-contracting activities
  • Ensure the success of launch and promotional plan coordinating availability of finished products, POS1 and POS2
  • Manage stock levels (local and allocated upstream) in line with country objectives and analysis of excess / obsoletes
  • Collect MAD information on out-of-stocks or for low stock items with suppliers and challenge delays
  • Report daily on out-of-stocks to all contacts in the business unit
  • Calculate the service level indicators and report internally and to international logistics
  • Assist flow managers in the business unit in channelling stocks between sub-contracting and sales availability
  • Develop flow planning practices to build a competitive advantage
  • Manage the business unit catalogue in the forecast system. Coordinate with sales, marketing and controlling teams the release of new products and promotions on the market
  • Analyse sales forecast evolution including a weekly review with the main actors and build a forecast proposal based on historical sales
  • Make sure the forecast process is followed by Marketing/Sales/Controlling and in accordance with the good practices
  • Ensure that the validated forecasts are integrated in the information systems
  • Calculate and analyse the gaps between forecasts and real sales
  • Calculate and send the sales forecasts indicators indicating reasons and consequences for the business unit
  • Coordinate discontinued product process


Technical & Professional competencies required

  • Good Excel skills is a must
  • Supply chain management, managing complexity
  • Understanding supplier considerations and key parameters
  • Managing complexity in a large network, understanding the impact of the up-and- downstream actors
  • Sales planning process management and improvement