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Office Project Manager (15 months contract)

Сфера деятельности: General Management

Тип должности: Fix Term

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Singapore

Страна: Singapore

Nominated by the project steering committee, the internal L’Oreal project manager (PM) is responsible to facilitate the steerco in defining the vision/ strategy for the project as well as defining what are the success KPIs. For the duration of the project, you will report to Country Manager or Finance Director, since there is a strong technical side to the mission. If major change management is required, the PM can also report to Director of HR.

Key job accountabilities:

You will coordinate with all internal & external stakeholders (architects, developers, engineers, furniture providers, change management consultant, environmental consultant, contractors) to deliver a successful project. You will to be fully assigned to the project and will address the technical and environmental constraints while keeping the project within budget and on schedule. In addition:

  • You will interview the steering committee to formalize the project vision, goals and success KPIs
  • You will organize and drive meetings, draft agendas and minutes to all parties. This includes following up with all stakeholders, ensuring action items are performed
  • You will collect the headcount evolution from HR for the next 3 to 5 years to build the business case. You will keep track of the headcount evolution, and flag any issue
  • You are responsible of keeping track of the project’s budget, and the flag risk of overbudgeting as soon as possible
  • You will launch a space utilization survey of the existing site at the earliest possible time
  • You will prepare the RFPS (with purchasing DPT support) for the design and change management team, and subsequently for the construction team

Role specifications:

  • Workplace strategy (macrozoning): collect every department needs, validate the needs, define the program, define the usage of spaces, take into account specific needs linked to Metiers.
  • Change management: coordinate the change management consultant’s efforts with the internal team, including HR. You will put in place the consultation’s recommendations and facilitate the change communication plan. You will flag the teams deemed “at risk” i.e. disengaged, not involved
  • Design and technical management: report regularly to the DOP, CFO and Zone Director on the project status (financials, timeline, change management and any other topic)
  • You will work closely with Procurement and Legal teams for any relevant request for proposals, purchase order, contracts with building owner/ representatives, suppliers and consultants
  • You will facilitate the general contractor construction works (material delivery, site visits, safety etc.)
  • Transfer engineering: you will drive the teams’ moves (lead clean up days, RFP for movers, communications and welcome to the new site). You will guarantee the successful opening of the new site, and cover facility management during the transition period