Функция: Административный персонал / Ассистенты

Тип занятости: Полный рабочий день

Место расположения: Jeddah

Страна/область: Saudi Arabia


We are looking for a qualified administrator to join our team through our DISTRIBUTOR in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam.

Key job accountabilities

Objective: Takes responsibility for the administrative and organizational follow-up of Sales and Distribution activities.

- Takes care of all administrative and technical assistance: calendar management, reception of calls, organization of business travel, entering receipts for expenses, processing mail, preparing responses, orders for office equipment, etc.

- Plans the organization of team meetings and trade events.

- Coordinates the arrival of new employees (transfer files, FIT course planning, IT and telephone requests, etc.).

- Takes care of the link between Head Office, clients and other departments 

- Handles and supplies sales monitoring and reporting tools, analyzes the data produced, and sends it on to the correct person.

- Draws up purchase orders, monitors budget and expenditure.

- According to the local organization:

- Identifies requests from consumers and responds to them on products and services.

- Acts as an alert for Customer Services by identifying major trends and all potential problems.

- Handles certain specific projects.

Technical& Professional competencies


• Handles the manager or team's calendars.

• Anticipates, takes the initiative, and handles priorities.

• Carries out all activities while displaying a sense of service, availability, and responsiveness. SORTS, RE-PROCESSES, AND DISTRIBUTES INFORMATION

• Drafts simple or complex responses to letters and emails.

• Summarizes and analyzes important points in the responses made.

• Identifies useful documents and information within the department's sector and handles their distribution.

• Works alongside relevant networks to ensure smooth communication, while respecting rules on discretion and confidentiality. HANDLES ADMINISTRATIVE ACTIVITIES

• Implements administrative tasks relevant to his/her area of activity and reports on it.

• Updates administrative and/or technical data (indicators and monitoring tools).

• Uses the professional applications available for his/her activity.

• Shows an awareness of and curiosity for his/her sector (vocabulary, rules, processes, network, etc.). HANDLES PROJECTS ACCORDING TO DEPARTMENTAL ORGANIZATION

• Takes responsibility for all or part of a project

• Coordinates the advancement of projects with internal or external partners

• Handles contacts with participating parties according to the level of their contribution to the project