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Senior Product Manager

Сфера деятельности: Marketing

Тип должности: Permanent

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Dubai

Страна: United Arab Emirates

Job Description

Develop and establish NEW and Existing Brands within GCC. Successfully amplify new launches and establish a profitable portfolio mix. Integrate a NEW brand within L'Oreal luxury, set the foundations and build the brand in the GCC. Build Sustainable growth pillars and use their product, market and consumer expertise, to contribute towards continued growth for the brand and the consumer relationship.

Key Responsibilities

Integrating and Build a NEW and strategic brand within the L'Oreal Luxury Portfolio. Be the driver in establishing and integrating the brand locally, building awareness, growing market shares and retaining/acquiring new consumers.  

Developing and managing in parallel a portfolio of brands of different sizes, different consumer audiences with different strategies

Collecting and analyzing consumer and market insights and competition strategies to make recommendations to management

Implementing new launches maintain growth in pillar products and animate core catalog

Proposing and monitoring marketing mix strategies to build integrated, engaging consumer brand experiences. (Digital, Retail, Education)

Adapting communication material (imagery, digital, a point of sale)

Mobilizing and working with other departments (sales, logistic, education, etc.) and partner agencies to build a broader business strategy; meet the deadlines

Making recommendations to management on the category based on own expertise of the consumer, market, and competitors (launch analysis, strategic memo, etc

Own the brand DNA, guarantee the brand identity: ensure that all actions are in line with the sense of purpose while nourishing the brand.

Build relationships with internal and external partners to enhance the brand SOV and business needs

Manage and monitor budgets, progressively own marketing lines of the P&L (samples, media, gifts, promo, DCC, Advocacy& Influence)

You have at least 2-4 years of experience as Product Manager with power brands being a part of your everyday work. You have a passion for new marketing tools and are always eager to put them in use. Furthermore, you:

Have the expertise of consumer's insights research and market data analysis

Have to think Brand Strategy, be entrepreneurial, multi-tasker and have a consumer first mindset

Have strong go-getter personality and ability to influence

Have the sense of beauty and creativity, innovation

A Strong consumer focus, trend seeker

Have flexible, self-motivated, resilient, decision-maker, result and business oriented 

Have strong communication, analytical and networking skills

Have knowledge of local retail dynamics and environment 

Have knowledge of competitors, markets trends and consumers  

Have to be fluent English and Arabic