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Digital & PR Manager

Сфера деятельности: Digital

Тип должности: Permanent

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Dubai

Страна: United Arab Emirates

Duties & Responsibilities 

  • Setting the yearly strategy for Digital in terms of social media content, planning the growth of social media channels through owned, earned and paid media
  • Social Media
    • Content calendar creation for local social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook) – copywriting captions, translation to Arabic, 3x per day posting on local IG page, 1x per day posting on local FB page
    • Daily community management on social media platforms (additional on top of social media agency’s 1 hour / day)
    • Hosting 4x per year competitions on social pages, selecting winners and sending the gifts
  • E-Commerce
    • E-Merchandising on e-retailer platforms: ensuring online product placement with A+ content to optimize customer experience
    • Downloading product assets, resizing images and consolidating product descriptions to share with e-retailers
    • Creating/adapting homepage banners/carousels for new product launches to share with e-retailers
    • Sharing social media content with e-retailers to post on their platforms 
  • CRM
    • Planning and designing data collection and data activation campaigns (landing pages, newsletters, SMS’s)
    • Sharing end of campaign reporting with brand team
  • Tools
    • Monitoring monthly ranking on Digital Cockpit (linked to performance of paid posts on social)
    • Researching new influencers to work with and uploading campaigns/activations on the platform to track and report on coverage
    • Approving media plans that the media agency inputs onto the system
    • Scheduling social posts, community management and reporting
  • Agencies
    • Media Agency – managing the relationship on an on-going basis to ensure optimization of media money spent of on social media posts (briefing on the posts that need to be promoted and monitoring performance)
    • CRM Agency – managing the relationship on an ongoing basis to plan and execute CRM campaigns
    • Social Media Agency – managing the relationship with the social media agency by providing ongoing updates on new product launches and availabilities to assist with community management
  • Artistry & Social
    • Working closely with MUA to create content to be used on social media (videos, images)
    • Assisting MUA by covering in-store masterclasses on social media
  • Asrar Al Makyaj
    • Setting the yearly strategy on brand content on the website
    • Booking shoot dates to create content with MUA to be used on the site and on owned social platforms
    • Managing shoot from A to Z
    • Providing feedback to the videographer on video edits
    • Sharing monthly article topics and imagery to be used on the content platform
    • Proof-reading articles before go-live
  • DMI
    • Monthly calls with brand DMI team to discuss new product launch strategies and recap of previous month topics/content
  • Setting the yearly strategy for PR activations with influencers, makeup schools, and press
  • Influencer Relationships – maintaining close relationships with influencers to build brand love and gain earned media
  • Hosting competitions and collaborations with influencers (such as the yearly Ramadan box to be sold in stores – designing box, ensuring influencer posts on social)
  • Press Kit Preparation – requisitioning products, putting together press kits and press releases to be shared with influencers and press
  • Event Management – A to Z management of events (store openings, yearly PR event); briefing event agencies on events, liaising with brand team and communications team to finalize proposals and costs, monitoring the implementation and assisting with set up on day of event; packing gifts for event guests; monitoring social media coverage post event
  • Reporting – post event reports after every PR event, store opening etc.
  • Following up with press for coverage on product send outs
  • Liaising with legal team to put together influencer contracts to be sent to them
  • Setting up and managing from A to Z shoots between MUA and Boutiqaat influencers