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Сфера деятельности: Digital

Тип должности: Management Trainee Program

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Ho Chi Minh City

Страна: Vietnam

Fast track your career and join Management Trainee Program 2022 which offers 18 months individually tailored program for confident, bright & creative minds who are up for a challenge to go beyond expectations. 

Opening Functions for Application:
- Marketing (Brand & Online Brand)
- Digital & Social Marketing
- E-commerce
- Finance
- Supply Chain
- Human Resources

- Vietnamese nationality
- Fresh graduates (Bachelor/ Master from all backgrounds) or graduate with less than 1 year experience
- Proficient in English & have strong communication skills
- Have leadership experience in an organization
- Passionate in Beauty industry
- Digital-savvy with keen interest to growth in Digitalization (Digital Marketing & E-commerce)

This program will provide you with:
- fast track your career into management role
- make real changes & contributions to the Beauty industry
- receive customized development & trainings specifically for your needs
- exposure to top level management early in your career