Функция: Отдел операций

Тип занятости: Полный рабочий день

Место расположения: Hong Kong - Head Office

Страна: Hong Kong

Key Job Accountabilities

In charge of Maintenance for All L’Oréal LUXE stores and boutiques

  • Collect info from field by e-Form
  • Deal with internal and external parties in all repair and maintenance related issues
  • Develop and supervise the implementation of effective maintenance procedures including preventive maintenance programs
  • Monitor the performance of projects taking into account budget and time constraints
  • Manage the procurement of new equipment and spare parts
  • Develop, implement, and maintain all necessary record systems
  • Manage, implement and support all L’Oréal policies.

Ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of all maintenance works

  • Evaluate the contractor’s performance
  • Check L’Oréal internal purchasing process is respected
  • Communicates to all parties involved the corporate policies and procedures and ensures these are implemented and complied with at all times

Manage budget for the maintenance and technical assistance

  • Minimize cost by grouping production and installation work among all brands
  • Monitor monthly budget and expense of all brands
  • Prepare monthly report on Actual expense of Counter Maintenance
  • Analyze data and recognize common issues of LUZE division

Maintain Good image of each stores/boutiques

  • Work with nominated contractors to check the states of each stores (aesthetically and operationally)
  • Manage 3rd party building, mechanical, HVAC, and electrical contractors conducting service, repair and new contract work
  • Diagnose and perform general mechanical and electrical equipment repairs
  • Response to urgent maintenance request
  • Ensure frontlines work in a safe working environment and customers enjoy their shopping experience
  • Response to different requirements among all brands

On-Going Project List

Fire Service (FS251) & Electricity (Wiring) Regulations Cert. (WR1 & WR@) renewal for all boutiques of LUXE (46 boutiques)

  • Check and track on status of existing boutiques
  • Submit layout plan to LL, arrange inspection with NSC and vendors
  • Application for cert. renewal and submission to Fire Services Department and Electrical and Mechanical Services Department for record
  • Ensure payment between LL, NSC and vendors are settled

Quarterly Maintenance Report

  • To summarize all the maintenance cases of LUXE
  • Division cases by category/POS/Actual expense
  • All brands by category/POS/Actual expense

Warranty/ policy update with purchasing with vendors

  • Existing warranty not covering most of the maintenance cases
  • To align with purchasing on contract between L’Oréal and vendors and redefine the warranty policy