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Medical Manager

Сфера деятельности: Sales & Business Development

Тип должности: Permanent

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Johannesburg

Страна: South Africa

Key responsibilities
• Responsible for the Division’s medical strategy through medical relations, medical detailing and medical communications to increase the prescription and recommendation of our brands by health professionals and establish its scientific legitimacy and reputation.
Develop the medical influence of our brands and the visibility of the division
• Devise a partnership strategy with learned societies, opinion leaders and patient associations
• Ensure the setting up of medical education events and participation in external events (congresses)
• Mobilize and encourage opinion leaders in their consulting, training or representative activities (congresses, digital channels, media etc.
Define and pilot the medical detailing strategy in concert with brand management
• Define each brand’s positioning through targets/medical indications depending on the potential and the local environment, by following global and zonal directives.
• Define common and specific territories for brands and synergies to share medical detailing resources
• Organise medical detailing networks and motivate regional managers
• Work out action plans, budgets, distribution of promotional material, samples and rewards
• Drive efficiency and performance based on criteria of prescriptions and sales
• Seek out external partnerships

Guarantee the excellence and professionalization of medical detailing
• Implement and guarantee the use of monitoring tools of medical detailing network activity (CRM/CLM platform)
• Make sure that initial and ongoing training of teams (environment, pathologies, products, communication techniques) and their assessment are carried out

Important to note:
• This advert represents general position information & is not exclusively contractually binding;
• Internal applications: Make your N+1 aware of your intention to apply for internal vacancies
within another L’OREAL S.A Division;
• Should you refer applicants for a role, please consult the Employee Referral Policy & submit your
motivation at the time of making the referral.
C1 Internal use
Ensure that the variety, the scientific quality and the competitiveness of medical
communications are maintained
• Supervise the contents, tools and services for health professionals
• Validate medical detailing tools in collaboration with brand management
• Implement a multi-channel, both on- and off-line communication strategy
(congresses, websites, newsletters, webcasts, social media, press) in line with the
marketing strategy and the product plan
• Set up international surveys on a local basis and implement local observational
Ensure synergies between functions and brands
• Develop the medical culture
• Work together with the marketing, sales and communication functions
Define organisations and structures to enable necessary changes Look after competitor and
environmental monitoring of and around medical activity Ensure training and respect of internal
and external ethical standards regarding relations with health professionals