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Packaging Manager/Assistant Manager

Сфера деятельности: Operations

Тип должности: Fix Term

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Shanghai

Страна: China


Ensures the implementation and facilitation of the SQCP system, to secure the quality of packaging components and Finish Goods within the planned timeframe.


1.    To communicate with Product Development for getting clear project definition as well as providing optimal technical advices to reach the goads on both definition and cost.

2.    To assemble all technical elements (legislative, internal procedures, freedom to use, the feasibility from suppliers and plants…) required for design purposes and making technical design decisions.

3.    Work with CAD Design Center to realize drawings in line with design and functionality needs until the conception validate.

4.    To define, release and update, during the whole product life cycle, the technical drawings, pre-specification, homologation reports and specification in line with the product definition, respecting the Packaging Conception Quality System (SQCP)

5.    Work with Sourcing Center, plant for value analysis and optimizations on pack in and pack out.

6.    To lead risk assessment with internal and external partners on selected concepts.

7.    To track the progress on packaging development and give alerts on possible delays when it is necessary.

8.    To track and follow the non-conformity for the 1st deliveries. 

9.    Make environmental assessment with provided tools and secure conformity to the sustainable indicators, and have strong vision for continuous improvements on environment scores.

10. Be sensible on Beauty World trends and consumer centricity during realization of conception.

11. Fulfill the indicators for project activities and the ones related to environmental packaging.


1.    Bachelor degree or above;

2.    5+ years working experience in packaging development;

3.    Must have experience in Luxury industries, experience in Cosmetic is an advantage;

4.    Available for 30% of travelling(Within APAC zone);

5.    Excellent verbal and written communication skill;

6.    Pragmatic problem solving ability;

7.    Good teamwork spirit;

8.    Strong project management skill to master all milestones of product development independently;  

9.    Fluent in English;