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SAP Security Manager-IT APAC

Сфера деятельности: Information Systems

Тип должности: Permanent

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Shanghai

Страна: China

Quality insurance (40%)

- Insure L’Oréal Security processes and guidelines are

properly applied across all APAC hubs. Provide

recommendation and ad hoc training when required

- Raise any security incidents to IT security team and help

for investigation/action plan proposal

- Take care of FF usage in collaboration with SAP

managers / APAC SDM and follow-up action plan

- Drive bi-yearly SAP licences monitoring across 6 SAP hubs

in collaboration with local SAP team

- Make regular Security process review and adjust

processes when necessary. Then, insure change

management and ad hoc training in order to keep all

stakeholders up-to-date

- Follow up of SAP security related audit points and action

plan in collaboration with local SAP teams

- Follow up of OS security related audit points and action

plan in collaboration with local SAP teams like user

access rights management including user account,

file/folder/share permission management

Driving execution of security projects as project manager

and technical advisory (40%)

- Acts as project manager and expert on some SAP

Security related projects

- Acts as advisor and referent for some other projects

around this same scope, on a request-based from local

SAP teams

Drive mid-term improvement plans to insure SAP systems

safety (20%)

- Apply SAP security best practice to harden SAP and

database application and server security

- Propose improvements and technical changes in order

to insure SAP systems safety

- Drive technical studies related to system security done by

external parties and owns conclusions and