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Key Account Manager

Сфера деятельности: Sales & Business Development

Тип должности: Permanent

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Jakarta

Страна: Indonesia

  1. Build and achieve the customer results: sales, market share whilst anticipating obstacles and proactively initiating counter actions
  2. Track sales and proactively derive actions
  3. Analyze and recommend levels for P&L improvements
  4. Respect budget constraints by steering internal tools (such as fiche clients, net prices, affaire guidelines)
  5. Play an active role for annual negotiation with accounts 
  6. Animate internally and externally an efficient multifunctional organization
  7. Continuously challenge, foster and optimize the “why” and “what” with reference to the efficiency of the organization (structure, processes, business relevance of actions)
  1. Minimum a Bachelor Degree from top tier University
  2. Having at least 3 years of experience in FMCG company as KAM and handling minimarket accounts will be a plus point
  3. Good negotiation and communication skills
  4. A dynamic and agile person, able to work in a fast-paced environment
  5. Proficient in English both written and verbal
  6. Proficient Microsoft Office skills