Функция: Коммуникации

Тип занятости: Полный рабочий день

Место расположения: Taipei City

Страна/область: Taiwan

Support Communication Manager to define and implement a communication strategy in consistency with the international brand communication strategy and the local business strategy for the entity.
• Develop a strategic vision of the communication resources to be deployed and implement these ones
• Develop the brand image and visibility locally:
- Organize major brand events and/ or product launches
- Maintain and protect the brand’s reputation; anticipate and manage crisis
• Develop media relations
- Implement the brand media strategy with all relevant media participants (women’s and professional magazines, television, radio, Internet,..) to achieve 360° communication (new media, social networks,…)
- Content management : Develop creative, qualitative and appropriate content & features/ functionalities to support the brand’s or project’s ambition.
- Social media management : Create, develop, manage communities (consumers, bloggers, journalists, pharmacists or hairdressers if relevant…) and implement the social media strategy to support the brand’s / project‘s ambition.