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Sustainability Manager Indonesia

Сфера деятельности: Communication

Тип должности: Permanent

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Jakarta

Страна: Indonesia

You want to challenge yourself in an always changing environment where you can directly see your impact?

Then joining L'Oreal might be the opportunity that you have been looking for!

Sharing growth is one of the main themes underlying L'Oréal's commitment to its community. In particular, it means that the group pays increased attention to its surrounding communities, by creating useful projects that meet real social needs and are consistent with L'Oréal's activities.

As part of L’Oréal’s sustainability program, Sharing Beauty with All, launched in 2013, L’Oreal set itself a series of tangible commitments towards 2020. They address all its impacts and engage its whole value chain – from product design to distribution, including the production process and the sourcing of raw materials.

You will…

  • Launch and develop sustainability programs connected with the Group’s mission of “Sharing Beauty With All”.
  • Lead and coordinate all CSR programs in line with the direction of the L’Oréal Foundation.
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with targeted government authorities, NGOs, influencers and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Reinforces internal engagement and upskilling on L’Oreal’s sustainability topics.
  • Steer the Sustainability Committee internally.
  • Build and protect the company’s reputation & develop visibility through the CSR & Sustainability program.
  • Ensure corporate recognition and excellence in this area.
  • Monitor and measure the program results and impacts.
  • Manage the team and budget on CSR & Sustainability.

You have…

  • Strong expertise and activism character on the topic of sustainability & women empowerment.
  • Strong oral communication and special talent in writing (English & Bahasa).
  • Strong storytelling capabilities, analytical, interpersonal and coordination skills.
  • Strong network in CSR & Sustainability.
  • Mastery of communication techniques and tools.
  • Excellent digital & social listening, digital savvy.
You are…

  • Entrepreneurial. Every single day, you spot opportunities to shake things up and change the world for the better.
  • Super creative. There’s no blueprint for the future. You’ll have to design it.
  • Respectful. Whether you’re talking to our CEO or a salon owner round the block, you treat everyone the same.
  • Open. To new ways of doing things. To other people’s (sometimes crazy) ideas.
  • Responsible. You’ll treat our customers, our consumers and our money as if they’re your own. Because they are.