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Corporate Community Manager

Сфера деятельности: Retail Corporate

Тип должности: Permanent

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Hong Kong

Страна: Hong Kong

Key Job Accountabilities

Contribute to MBC’s mission to enhance learning effectiveness by developing Innovative Content on MBC (My Beauty Club) Community

  • Create compelling and engaging digital content, to facilitate learning and encourage social interactions
  • Supervise all material development and distribution for digital media, copy-edit and proofread all content
  • Identify opportunities to create innovative content and provide directions to internal stakeholders
  • Monitor social media trends within the beauty industry
  • Lead discussions with TRM to identify relevant content for TRAPAC

Manage Content on MBC Community

  • Partner with Marketing and Education teams to create, manage and execute monthly brands’ social and viral Editorial Agenda.
  • Manage a promotional and editorial calendar
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns and strategies with identified KPIs

Interact with users

  • Be the spokesperson of TRAPAC on the app: news, advice, etc…
  • Interact with users using social media management related tools to generate activity and engagement
  • Understand user behavior and habits, and make necessary adaptations to contents accordingly

Convey expectations & directions to internal stakeholders

  • Act as an in-house content expert
  • Produce social media listening and engagement reports to stimulate insightful developments
  • Summarize insights and conversations to create actionable, operational reports that lead to optimization and efficiency in performance.


·       Creative and able to develop innovative approaches

·       Effective organizational abilities

·       Excellent communication and teamwork skills

·       Enthusiasm and determination

·       Experience as a media planner / social media advertising / content creation is a plus