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Treasury and Accounting Manager

Сфера деятельности: Finance & Controlling

Тип должности: Permanent

Тип занятости: Full - Time

Место расположения: Johannesburg

Страна: South Africa

Job Treasury and Accounting Manager
Reports to CFO
Location Woodmead
With the Zone Treasurer and the Group Treasury Department, secure and optimize cash flows, manage foreign exchange hedges and alert any financial risks:
Be the referent for treasury topics and related software
• Ensure the correct application of the Financial Charter and Group Standards within the Country
• Implement and facilitate Treasury projects (Information systems, securitization of cash flow, request for proposal on payment methods ...)
• Enforce the fight against fraud - Be the referent for any topics related to economic situation analysis
Be the process owner of foreign exchange risk management
• Work with BUs to help them better manage their FX exposures
• Ensure the proper identification and hedging of currency risk - Alert the Group Treasury Department on over / under-hedging
• Understand and explain the impact of currency hedges in the controlling reports and in the accounts of the Country
Manage the country's treasury operations
• Supervise the process of attribution of the banking powers
• Maintain the relationship with the banks in compliance with the Financial Charter and in particular the selection of banks, the selection of payment methods and collection and the monitoring and application of the terms negotiated with the banks
• Set up the necessary financing, deposits and bank guarantees
• Anticipate and plan the treasury flows as well as the cash flow of the Country
• Ensure the day-to-day cash management with a reconciliation of actual / forecasted flows and daily pooling of cash
Manage the country's Accounting operations
• Manage the relationship between L’Oréal and the outsourced accounting shared service teams
Important to note:
• This advert represents general position information & is not exclusively contractually binding;
• Internal applications: Make your N+1 aware of your intention to apply for internal vacancies
within another L’OREAL S.A Division;
• Should you refer applicants for a role, please consult the Employee Referral Policy & submit your
motivation at the time of making the referral.
C1 Internal use
• Must have a finance related degree (non negotiable)
• 4-5 years of relevant Treasury experience at a minimum
• Must have management level experience
• Advanced excel knowledge
• Innovator
• Strategist
• People Developer
• Integrator
• Entrepreneur
• Requires an ability to communicate effectively and influence people at all levels in the organisation
• Must be hands on