Fonction professionnelle: Creative Design

Type de poste: Contrat A Duree Indeterminee

Type de contrat: Temps plein

Site: Singapore

Pays: Singapore

Key Job Accountabilities: 

He/she contributes to launch development, counter opening, and mega event/popup management, as well as 

budget control. 


Launch Development - Planning 

  • PLV – manage newness & Institutional display design, concept adaptation, order forecast, production and allocation 
  • Visual – process cropping adaptation, planning with language strategy and validation 
  • Retro planning – implement launches following marketing calendar in a timely manner 

Launch Development - Execution 

  • Counter update – organize all in store soft merchandising materials to enhance POS retail excellence consistently 
  • Promotions / HPP – execute project management from design à technical input à production à installation à rectification à report & record 
  • Guideline & Planogram – provide comprehensive display guidelines and planogram for operation team’s (RM / BA / agents) references on floor 
  • Report – maintain systematic photo report & records for presentation or review use 
  • Shop visit – conduct market visit in order to experience the execution and VM strategy in person & evaluate competitors’ performance 

Counter Opening 

  • Closely collaborate with Retail Design & Project Coordination teams 
  • Estimate opening costs of VM collaterals 
  • Integrate a precise list of VM materials for Project Coordination logistics arrangements 
  • Customize production of specific staging PLV 
  • Establish counter opening display guideline (indicating visual plan, PLV display guide and planogram) 
  • Update VM database, PLV allocation chart and visual list regularly to maintain accurate coverage of future launches 
  • Function as gate keeper to prevent Retail Design teams from various counter configuration’s development

Mega Event / Popup 

  • Contribute VM expertise for PR / KOL / media purposed events 
  • Proceed project bidding to nominate appropriate vendors 
  • Provide technical and practical advices 
  • Participate factory check for structural review and QC 
  • Retail & Merchandising Department 

Communication Hub 

  • Facilitate decision making through communication and negotiation 
  • Within Merchandising team – between RD & PE 
  • Within L’Oréal – between DMI / TRM / Asia Zone 
  • Within L’Oréal TRAP – between Marketing / Commercial / Finance / Purchasing / Strategic Business Development 
  • External – Contractors & vendors / Design Agency / Retailers / Airport Authorities 


  • Formulate annual budget and review periodically 
  • PLV development for both newness & institutional (order from DMI / Asia Zone / local production) 
  • Counter update cost (visual printing, guideline and installation) 
  • Promotion cost (design, production, installation and photo shooting) 


Key Skills: 


Master Retail Design Fundamentals 

  • Expresses and decodes brand’s image/value & sense of purpose 
  • Understands & Integrates Market ‘specificities
  • Understands customer path & shopper experience’s rules 
  • Leads design prospective & innovation 

Designs Customer Centric Retail Concept 

  • Uplifts brand’s visual identity to build customer centric retail concepts 
  • Creates and designs visual concept to animate in a consistent customer path, launches and catalogue 
  • Defines & ensures high quality standards 

Delivers Operational Implementation with Excellence 

  • Adapts the retail concept according to the distribution channel or customer profile 
  • Ensures technical and legal compliance regarding the production 
  • Cooperates with 360° internal & external stakeholders to guarantee consistent retail experience 
  • Pilots & Monitors RD’s efficiency in line with timelines and budget 

Act as a Business Driver 

  • Guaranties the ROI of POS in line with business objectives 
  • Negotiates with retailers about staging and implementations 
  • Monitors POS performance and drives it according to local strategy 



  • Bachelor’s degree or above preferable in Visual Design, Visual Merchandising, or related discipline  
  • Minimum 3 years experience in visual merchandising, strong in project management, PLV developments & budget management in retail industry, preferably travel retail. Candidates with more years of experience, can be considered for Senior role. 
  • Fluent in English and Mandarin (Read & spoken, to work with chinese counterparts)
  • Proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Microsoft Office Excel, Powerpoint and Sketchup 
  • Entrepreneur spirit, organized and detail-oriented, teamwork spirit ; able to work independently