Domaine: Recherche

Type d‘emploi: Temps plein

Ville: Shanghai - Shanghai

Pays: China

Main responsibilities:

-To substantiate claims for launches by working with labs, marketing, SRC and PPMs/function teams in PPE with appropriate methods and good timing.

-To generate new claims/concept based on product performance dossier.

-To lead and involve in claims workshops.

-To create demos to illustrate the efficacy and the technology/texture of the new flas for both development and prelaunch projects.

-To make the efficacy risk evaluation and give extrapolation when possible.

-To write the efficacy claim dossier by consolidating all the tests for claims in one document with insights.


Capabilities required:

-hard working

-good communication skill

-collaborative attitude with different parties

-good at pressure/complex management

-comprehensive understanding of the different evaluation protocols for skin care or hair/scalp


-leadership in driving the process