Cargo: Administrative & Assistantship

Tipo de posição: Permanent

Tipo de emprego: Full - Time

Local: Tokyo

País: Japan

Job Description

Provides “services to individuals”  in the context of goals related to safety, operational performance, and the quality of life in the workplace. 

* Is responsible for the policies of the Division. 
* Contributes towards the success of all events held on the site.
* Is responsible for the subcontracting scheme and manages service contracts linked to the Division's activities: monitoring of service quality, monitoring of the activity indicators, monitoring of progress plans in accordance with the Group's security rules. 
* Is a source of ideas and innovates in order to develop the “Great Place to Work In” policy. 
* Plays a key role in sustainable development and contributes toward the goal of being a socially responsible company. 
* Ensures the principles of the safety of people and goods in coordination with EHS [Environment, Health & Safety] on the site. 
* Manages physical flows (delivery, goods transportation, mail, purchasing, storage, waste management, etc.) on the site.
* Ensures the welcome of residents (relocation, office, etc.).
* Monitors and complies with the site charter for workstations.
* Guarantees the proper functioning of other services on the site.
* Monitors annual budgets and activity reports and optimizes economic performance.

Must Have Aspects

* Work Place : In office due to on-site operation control
* Working date&time : Available to start from 9 am in business days for company common services, Holiday work is available for on-site operation like facility change etc., if needed. 
* Mindset : Proactive (For Hospitality & Convenience) and Governance (For Rule & Fairness), Good stress management.
* Working Style :Team Player, Available both player and controller, Flexible to Changes. Positive to Kaizen and Innovation.
* Physical  : No hesitation to bring/put cardboard and various goods etc., if needed.
* Communication : Good networking and communication skills.
* Interest  : Office related circumstances (Facility/Equipment/Space/Infrastructure/EHS/SBWA etc.), Administrative work with Kaizen/Efficient approach
* PC : Business level for Excel/Word/PPT
* English : E-mail communication is available without any support, Oral communication is available for basic communication.

Preferred Qualification

* Experience : Administrative work experience for division or company level
* Human Development/MGMT: Lead contract or temp staff.
* Perspective : Diversified to every topic (Brand/Division/Company level of perspective).   
* Knowledge : Wide knowledge to L'Oreal Japan
* PC : Business level for O365/MS Team/SAP/One Note/One Drive. Positive to new IT tools.   
* English : Business level in oral communication