Функция: Отдел исследований

Тип занятости: Полный рабочий день

Место расположения: FR - Ile De France

Страна: France

L’Oréal Research & Innovation wants you!


We are a group of dynamic, innovative and fun experts in physical chemistry and formulation,

We believe in research and its power to push back scientific boundaries and knowledge,

We have a taste for exploration and quality obsession

And we want you to join us!







What will you be doing?


Under the supervision of the Laboratory manager you will :


Working in close collaboration with analysis labs and support services (analysis, packaging, and evaluation) in order to develop, suggest and settle new prototypes.


Characterize products’ behavior and relate it to the performance as perceived by the consumer.


Select and develop new concepts, technologies, and raw materials


Manage projects for the Applied Research Entity and follow them up with the Development department.


Identify, implement and manage scientific collaborations to acquire new skills, new characterization procedures or new technical concepts.


Ensure watch on (technology, scientific patent, evaluation…) and contribute for protecting L’Oréal‘s knowledge.


Handle your internal and external communication.


Share your expertise and contribute to the success of AR & Hygiene community projects.


Have a lot of fun with your colleagues!



Who are you ?

You are an engineer specialized in physical chemistry/formulation with at least a 3-year experience in industry


You have a PhD in physical chemistry of colloids/dispersions (soft matter), polymer and physics of materials (hard), interactions polymer/silica


You are thorough, curious, open-minded, with strong analytical and synthetic skills


You are pragmatic


You know how to communicate and share your knowledge in a multidisciplinary world


You know how to listen, and you like to share your knowledge, you are a team player


You are organized and meet deadlines


You know how to convince people, you have strong persuasive power and you are committed


You are an entrepreneur


Coming from any of these fields of expertise?

Then this position might be for you!


Formulation: pastes, emulsions, foams, gel, functionalization of interfaces, physico-chemical behaviour of dispersions, reagents inorganic materials (minerals)


Physical chemistry: Contact angle, tensiometry, adhesion, scattering radiation (light, neutron, X), calorimetry, DSC, TGA, microfluidic.


Mechanics: Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis (DMTA), Tribology


Optics: Optical and Electron Microscopy  (SEM-EDX , SEM RX..)


Chemical analysis : NMR, IR ; UV, GC, GPC

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