Функция: Директор по маркетингу / Интернет маркетинг

Тип занятости: Полный рабочий день

Место расположения: Singapore

Страна: Singapore

Job Accountabilities:


Plan, develop, design innovative and meaningful content and manage social interactions across Brands digital channels to increase brand exposure and strengthen brand image. To nourish the consumer experience on all touch points: Digital campaigns



Define and Enhance the Brand Social presence and monitor visibility

‒ In accordance with the Brand’s image, select the best platforms for social media presence, i.e. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc…

‒ Create and implement Social Media Optimization (SMO) & Social Media Marketing campaigns across social media platforms

‒ In collaboration with Marketing, assist with the creation and presentation of Social Media strategy and integrated marketing campaigns based on customer social media analytical data

‒ Act as an in-house content expert who can advise internal stakeholders in online content and SEO best practice

‒ Watch for, identify and curate existing relevant content in line with the brand sense of purpose

‒ Create compelling and engaging brand digital content which will attract viewers as well as amplification and interaction through social sharing


Plan and manage the brand online social activity

‒ Monitor, maintain and strengthen consistent online brand identity

‒ Interact with consumers in social media channels using social media management software and related tools, including forums

-  Work cross-functionally to develop appropriate content, if required

‒ Manage the Social and Community component of digital marketing campaigns

- Participate in the development of real-time marketing content based on monitoring social media, flagging opportunities, and formulating plans with internal and external stakeholders


Provide internal stakeholders with detailed feedbacks

‒ Produce social media listening and engagement reports for internal and external teams to fuel insight development

‒ Summarize insights and conversations to create actionable, operational reports that lead to optimization and efficiency in performance

‒ Analyze and report on social community trending (pre and post) promotional launches to key internal stakeholders to ensure optimal customer satisfaction


Provide Innovative & Meaningful Content

‒ Develop an important volume and diversity of content and services in line with the global brand strategy and consumer insights to diffuse real time brand stories

‒ Create, develop and manage content for brand’s online presence

‒ Copy-edit and proofread all web content


Manage and plan the need for content

‒ Manage a promotional and editorial calendar, and adopt a test and learn approach to homepage updates. Ensure measurement with identified KPIs

‒ Use keyword research, website data, business priorities and industry topics to formulate a content plan, in partnership with campaign owners

‒ Select and manage the proper creative external agencies and technical partners

‒ Ensure online-based information’s archiving for future needs and reference



Technical competencies:

‒ Experience in actively managing a brand or company's social media programs

‒ Strong understanding of user-generated content management, content marketing and reputation management to encourage customer acquisition, retention and growth

‒ Knowledge of top social media platforms including usage, demographics and marketing opportunities

‒ Knowledge of social media best practices and legal guidelines

‒ Proficiency in data analytics

‒ Working knowledge of SEO and PR

‒ Advanced knowledge of HTML and experience with popular content management systems

‒ Strong attention to detail and ability to work under tight deadlines

‒ Excellent writings skills