Función Laboral: Comunicación

Tipo de contrato: Jornada Completa

Ubicación: FR - Paris

País: France




Within the corporate communication of L'Oréal, we are looking for an Iconography Project Manager that will have a content centric mission through image and multimedia, contributing to the reputation of L’Oréal.





  • Animate the “Mymedia” center intended for the community of the internal and external icono users, within the corporate communication ecosystem, in relation to the other internal media supports mynews / my TV / my Events, Showroom (platform of shared contents);

  • Provide illustrations to the external communication team to the site, the social pages of social networks (facebook, Instagram);

  • Promoting the site to different communities to recruit new contributors;

  • Collecting and processing documents: editing and indexing photos, documents, videos, infographies, and other media to the rhythm of the major events of the corporate calendar, to constitute thematic corpuses of visuals, videos, from existing reports or produced by the Image and Publications Directorate;

  • Produce images → Design and make thematic or specific shots and reports;

  • Tenders, benchmarks for the choice of photographers or multimedia agencies.
    Manage visual commands with stakeholders, such as country reports or thematic shots (trades, events);

  • Update the contents of the database: editing of new visuals, logos of the marks, manage the alerts to the deadlines of the rights of the images;

  • Ensure the security of documents, their proper use in accordance with the jurisdictions in force, clarification and research of rights and information relating.

  • Ensure the technical quality of the visuals to rights holders, in conjunction with the Legal Directorate Image and Communication;

  • Provide to the internal entities an expertise and a service around iconography, by accompanying the other services / entities / countries in the realization of images, to respond to the specific requests;

  • Propose guidelines, and tutorials iconos;

  • Conduct an internal and external iconographic supervision;

  • Manage the budget 'Iconography';

  • Interact with other entities in order to participate in major projects (External Relations, Foundation, Public Affairs, etc);

  • Accompanying and supervising the assignment of an alternate resource as a service documentalist.






  • Essential level of english.

  • Easiness with digital and multimedia.

  • General legal knowledge, in particular on the rights of authors.

  • Control of software applications: Photoshop type, illustrator, or specific multimedia (video, sound).



  • Acts / leads with human sensitivity

  • Displays sensitivity to content creation

  • Demonstrates entrepreneurship

  • Innovates

  • Achieves results, with integrity

  • Manages complexity

  • Interacts effectively

  • Resilience