Función Laboral: Operaciones

Tipo de contrato: Jornada Completa

Ubicación: Arkansas - North Little Rock

País: USA


To keep production and processing activities running, efficiently and safely within the established quality and production standards, through maintenance of machinery.

 Educational, Mental, or Certification Requirements

  • High school education or GED required; 
  • Associate of Applied Science or equivalent electronics or electro-mechanical experience preferred;  General or Industrial Technology curriculum.
  • May be required to pass confined space certification and/or forklift certification;
  • Minimum of 2-3 years of related industrial maintenance experience.

 General Job Duties

  • Ensure production/processing equipment is ready for use when needed and that equipment performs to pre-established standards;
  • Perform various maintenance responsibilities, repairs, fabrication and modifications to production/processing equipment; perform PM’s.
  • Answer calls to work on down lines;
  • Control machinery through computer terminals (login on the labor system when working on packaging lines);
  • Conduct tooling changes on machinery; 
  • Relieve cell members from running production lies where required;
  • Conduct and document productive/preventative maintenance procedures (refer to specific department duties) using CMMS.
  • Maintain knowledge and practice of Quality and Safety Policies, Line Manual Book Procedures, Good Manufacturing Procedures, and Reject Percent (refer to specific department duties);
  • Demonstrate knowledge of cylinders/valves/pneumatic equipment;
  • Coordinate projects when required by Technical manager, cell manager or engineer;
  • Communicate orally with cell manager, team leads and other employees and provide technical training to all line personnel;
  • Complete special projects: Such as rebuilding machines, replacing/adding needed equipment, or designing and implementing machine changes (refer to specific department duties);
  • Document time spent on each project using CMMS;
  • Inventory and order parts as needed using CMMS Work Orders through SSI;
  • Arrive on production floor 15 minutes prior to start of shift (refer to specific department duties);
  • Clean equipment and perform other custodial responsibilities;
  • Lead TPM methodologies from inception to completion
  • Analyze downtime through the use of information where appropriate.

 Tools and Equipment Used In Job

  • Frequently use wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, power drills, other hand tools, and machine shop tools; 
  • Occasionally use safety scissors and safety knifes; 
  • Occasionally use large equipment such as pallet jacks (electronic and manual), forklifts, and E-Z lifts.
  • Utilize machine shop equipment (drill presses, band saws, mills, lathes, welder).

 Environmental Factors

  • Machinery may produce noise levels that exceed OSHA’s action level: Employees are provided with and are required to wear personal hearing protection devises in these areas;

  • Moving machinery, such as forklifts: Employees required to operate a forklift must successfully complete forklift operator training;

  • May work in confined spaces: Employees required to work in confined spaces must successfully complete confined space training;

  • All Line Mechanics are provided with and required to wear safety glasses, steel-toed shoes, and may be required to wear100% cotton uniforms; must wear safety gloves.
  • All employees are properly trained in use of adjunct lifting/moving equipment and proper body mechanics. 
  • Complete ARC Flash training and adhere to requirements.

 Essential Functions

MANIPULATION REQUIREMENTS:  (HANDS OR FEET) This position requires an individual to constantly perform one and/or all of the following movements/functions: Handle, reach, feel, perform fine motor manipulations with their hands, and performing gross motor manipulations involved in assembly of machinery and moving equipment.

  • Read, understand, and document specific instructions listed on the preventative maintenance sheet and/or CMMS;
  • Work independently, make decisions, and use adequate organizational and time management skills;
  • Perform the physical demands listed in the “Physical Demands” section using safe ergonomic techniques;  
  • Have working knowledge of the production process, items produced, and equipment utilized in maintaining production within specific industrial norms and standards; 
  • Communicate well with other employees and Cell Managers and Team Leads;
  • Possess good technical skills in a majority of the following fields: Mechanical repair, electrical/electronic diagnosis, electronic program revision and development, failure analysis, pneumatic/hydraulic systems, welding, basic machine shop practices, PLC troubleshooting/programming;
  • Have good mechanical aptitude, proven by the Standard Timing Model Test;
  • Look for equipment inefficiencies/failures and for methods of improving the existing operations; 
  • Maintain a telephone, radio or message system to ensure communication in the event of an emergency situation;  
  • Have visual/auditory acuity required to see/hear maintenance requests and warning alarms;
  • Maintain a safe work environment and follow all safety procedures;
  • Work well as a team member and/or independently as required;
  • Work flexible hours/shifts, including overtime;
  • Demonstrate good attendance.

 Marginal Job Duties:

  • Lift in excess of 50 lbs. 


  • Must produce World Class Results through teamwork.
  • Must selflessly develop others through training.
  • Must thrive within a changing organization.
  • Efficiently produce quality cosmetics in the right quality at the right time for L’Oreal USA customers.
  • Must create and provide an environment in which employees can work safely and thrive.
  • Must act as a responsible citizen in our company and community.
  • Must manage the plant’s assets to maximize our stockholders return.
  • Must demonstrate a 100% responsibility and not make excuses or cast blame.
  • Must implement and utilize the NLR L’Oreal USA communication model.
  • Resolve conflicts directly.
  • Must listen for understanding.
  • Must have a positive attitude.
  • Must be committed to team decisions.
  • Must Communicate effectively.