Función del empleo: Training & Education

Tipo de puesto: Permanent

Tipo de empleo: Full - Time

Localización: London

País: United Kingdom



·       Required to travel across the region to deliver trainings & coaching sessions throughout the year based on a calendar validated with the HQ Retail & Education department.


·       The RT should be able to understand & train BAS on all cosmetic categories (Fragrances, Skincare, Make-up & haircare) & all L’Oreal Travel retail brands.A very good category & products knowledge is required.

   The person will require a strong understanding of makeup, skincare and fragrance be able to explain eg “how to apply make-up” to upskill BAs when applications will be possible on the shopfloor.

·       The RT will have a captaincy of makeup. On this category it is essential to have a strong knowledge and skill of makeup in both practice & pedagogy, preferably with experience on Social Media.

             ·       The RT should be able to understand all Travel Retail business priorities given by the HQ, while being able to adapt them to local specificities with the RBM for the local trainings.

·       The RT will provide customer centric trainings, infused with local PAX & local business insights to help BAS boost sell-out.

   A good knowledge of the local PAX, & a great business mindset & team spirit would be very helpful.

             ·       Should know the competition & make fields feedbacks (on products, retail experience, trainings…) to upgrade retail education excellence.

             ·       Should master the usage of powerpoint to adapt training contents provided by the Retail & Education department.

            ·       Should be able to fully organize & animate either face-to-face & digital trainings for the region.

  •       Good organization & presentation skills are required.

           ·       Should be able to transmit with passion & generosity, while embodying perfectly the brands images.

           ·       Should be digital driven. (able to use & animate BAs community on the L’Oreal Travel Retail e-learning platform)

  •         Should be able to follow education effectiveness & provide training reports to Retail & Education department.


        ·       Should be able to provide efficient shopfloor one to one coaching to selected BAS, to upgrade the customer experience & to maximize sell-out.