Función del empleo: Legal

Tipo de puesto: Indefinido

Tipo de empleo: Jornada Completa

Localización: Singapore

País: Singapore

As the Head of Data Privacy Zone, you are responsible for promoting, coordinating, supporting and monitoring Data Privacy compliance across the South Asia-Pacific Middle East and North Africa Zone in close collaboration with teams at the Country, Zone and Group levels.

You will ...

Promote, Coordinate and Monitor Data Privacy Compliance Across the Zone

  • Support and coordinate with Countries to ensure consistency across the Zone with the Group Data Privacy program – you will learn the baseline expectations of the Group and work with each Country’s DPO to ensure that the Country implements those at minimum PLUS any higher requirements mandated in that Country, and support any Country DPOs preparing for data privacy audits
  • Serve as the DPO in Singapore – as our Zone is based in Singapore, you will be the DPO for all businesses based in Singapore
  • Support and facilitate implementation of the Group Data Privacy program in the Zone – this includes ensuring there are regular assessments of our programs in Country and at Zone, ensuring that resources are allocated to remediate any gaps found, and providing training on roll-out of new resources and policies
  • Liaise with Zone functions (such as IT, Digital and Marketing, Data Analytics, Operations and HR) to address Countries’ feedback on implementation of the Data Privacy program
  • Perform data privacy assessments for Zone projects
  • Coordinate any cross-border data privacy related issue (such as a personal data breach) with other relevant functions and the Group DPO
  • Monitor data privacy compliance across the Zone through dashboard and KPIs (e.g., registers, contracts, consents, data subject requests, data breaches)

Lead and Strategize at Zone Level

  • Report regularly to the Zone Management Committee on the Data Privacy program, evolution of regulations and risk exposure across the Zone
  • Give guidance to the Zone Management Committee on how to structure, document and review commercial activity to allow for compliant, efficient and secure processing of personal data
  • Support Countries’ Implementation of their own Data Privacy Programs

Develop and animate the Data Privacy community within the Zone

  • Share best practices within the Zone
  • Teach and train both Country DPOs and Data Privacy Champions at Zone level
  • Provide practical guidance on Data Privacy day-to-day issues
  • Regularly update Countries with the status of the Group Data Privacy program 

Liaise with Group Data Privacy Community

  • Update the Community on the evolution of data privacy regulations, data privacy compliance and major matters across the Zone
  • Coordinate regularly with the North Asia Zone DPO on transactions that could cross Zones
  • Liaise and coordinate with the Group DPO and other Group Data Privacy stakeholders
  • Member of the Global Data Privacy Steering Committee

You are ...

  • Skilled in Data Privacy regulations and practices in many of the countries across the Zone or have a strong background in building GDPR-compliant programs in Asia or the Middle East (CIPP/E or CIPP/A preferred)
  • Able to coordinate among key stakeholders and manage relationships at multiple levels
  • Strong communication skills to work in a diverse and multi-national environment
  • Able to manage cross-border projects
  • Comfortable engaging with and advising Zone senior management
  • Preference for qualified lawyer (with an active license if qualified in a US, UK or Commonwealth jurisdiction)