Función del empleo: Operations

Tipo de puesto: Permanent

Tipo de empleo: Full - Time

Localización: Clichy

País: France

Key Responsibilities :


The Supply Project Manager for the Raw Material Secure Procurement Team with a Supply and Business perspectives will :


-        Assess and mitigate RM Risks

o   Perform monthly risk analysis on your scope of RMs based on the Risk Matrix’s data (PBI tool “Business impact/ Supply Chain Risk”)

o   Manage the RM life cycle from supply point of view

o   Manage Supply Risk Alerts (flags) in the R&I Alert Tool on your scope of RMs in coordination with the Sourcing and STRONG teams

o   Activate and monitor RM Securing actions based on the 3 types of lever: Supply Chain levers, Sourcing levers and Formula levers in coordination with the Plants/MSC coordinators, Sourcing and R&I/Q2I teams respectively

o   Manage RM crisis supply allocation and resolution in coordination with RM suppliers, Plants, Sourcing, R&I and Q2I teams


·       Anticipation of RM Needs

·       Co-build the worldwide dimensioning of RM needs (12 months to 3 Years) with the Sourcing teams, in coordination with the S&OP teams and R&I teams for the high Business- High Supply risk RM

·       For RFP process

·       For regulatory switch

·       For Financial agreement process (limited capacity RM, Fair trade RM, discontinued RM by the supplier,…)

·       Communicate on a regular basis the evolution of RM needs (12 months to 3 Years) to the suppliers, in coordination with Sourcing teams


·        Acquire the full supply chain knowledge on high supply risk RMs

o   Perform End to End analysis from the RM supplier supply chain to the RM usage impact in Business Finish Goods (Process Deep Dive)  in coordination with Sourcing, S&OP and the RM suppliers

o   Investigate and establish the RM supply chain flows downstream (from suppliers to L’Oréal plants) and upstream (from suppliers to their upstream RM intermediates) in coordination with Sourcing, Plants and the suppliers


·       Participate in ongoing improvement within the RM Secure Procurement Team

·       Know and apply dedicated rules and processes of the RM Secure Procurement Team


The candidate should:

·       Have a Master’s degree level

·       Have proven experience in supply chain and/or sourcing

·       Be fluent in French and English

·       Have advanced communication skills and experience interacting with several stakeholders

·       Have advanced IT skills ( Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Power BI would be a plus)


Competencies :

The candidate should:

·       Manage complexity

·       Interact effectively

·       Be able to interact with various stakeholders (Sourcing, S&OP, R&I, RM suppliers)

·       Be able to lead change, with both internal and external stakeholders

·       Demonstrate a strong sense of initiative and problem solving

·       Have excellent written and verbal communication skills

·       Have strong adaptability skills

·       Be data and tool oriented

·       Take initiatives and work independently

·       Be Innovator

·       Be Entrepreneur

·       Obtain results with integrity